Thursday, August 3, 2017


For this project I researched the new Boolean tool in Zbrush. I also learned how to use the deformation tool within the gizmo move function. I found these method to be very useful when creating detailed or hard surfaces pieces. It allows you to make precise cuts or created intricate details without crazy amounts of sculpting. It was also very useful when needing to clean up edges that you couldn’t get without cutting the mesh and ruining it. The deformation tool I found to be useful when needing to tweak and existing shape you have slightly without much effort.

Below shows a shape that I have made from taking a rectangle and using the deformation tool to actually bend the mesh getting a very clean round edge that would have taken me a lot more time. By increasing the deformation tools vertices with the orange cones that adds more dots along the object I can tweak the rectangle by pushing and pulling vertices to get the curve shape below. I then proceeded to use this to create the next object also in the second picture because using the trim curve brush I wasn’t able to cleanly cut out the area I needed and get the exact right angle. I proceeded to use the Boolean method to cut out the right angle from the deform rectangle that I had previously created. The third picture is just showing me lining up the object where I want the exact cut to be. Once I get the desired results I will hit the make Boolean button. I also advise when using this tool to make sure the object you are booleaning is just slightly bigger or smaller so that you get the edges you want and that is doesn’t line up.

For most of the project I proceeded with this method and found it to be very useful when making certain cuts or screw holes and making the object that’s cutting out the hole slightly bigger than the original to get that factory cut look. I also found the Boolean tool very helpful for creating slight round edges to rectangular objects by making a cylinder with a hole in it and placing the round part on the corner of the rectangle. It will round off the edge and give it a nice clean cut. While in the Boolean mode you are able to move, resize, and deform the object I recommend doing this as much as needed to get the desired cut out you’re looking for.
Overall I was able to create this in Zbrush without Maya because of the Boolean tool allowed me to make precise cuts and give that sharp cut.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Portfolio 01 Mid Check

You told me I could change directions on this assignment to focus on anatomy studies for the rest of it. But here's the progress I have from the previous task.
I wanted to finish all the high res modeling besides the clothing for the first two weeks. 
then work on clothing then retopo and the final week work on textures.
but now will be working on anatomy studies.